Heavy-duty Public Transport Escalatos

    Heavy-duty Public Transport Escalatos

    IFE Heavy-duty Public Transport Escalators List

    GRACES-HD is a heavy-duty public transportation escalator under the GRACES series of products, which is mainly suitable for large public places such as comprehensive hubs and subway stations, and is safe, stable, comfortable and efficient.
    GRACES-HD Heavy-duty Escalatos

    Why Choose IFE Heavy-duty Public Transport Escalators?

    Heavy-duty public transport escalators are specially developed for ultra-large public places, which can run 20h for 7 days, the lifting height can reach 25 meters, the efficiency of the main engine gearbox is ≥ 94%, and the safety factor of the drive chain, host chain and handrail chain is ≥ 8 times.

    Why Choose IFE Heavy-duty Public Transport Escalators?

    Why Choose IFE Heavy-duty Public Transport

    1. Multiple security technology all-round protection design:

      Handrail with speed protection

      High-strength drive base of the main unit to prevent displacement

      Additional brakes

      Overspeed protection

      Anti-retrograde safety protection

    2. Corrosion resistance, anti-slip grade, more safe humanized care

    3. Lack of step protection, floor plate anti-flip protection

    4. Quality

      Lean management has achieved continuous improvement, and the quality positioning has been internationally recognized

      The service life of the truss is up to 30 years, and the quality is better than international standards

      High-strength truss platform to prevent collapse accidents

      Large truss design, stronger rigidity

      Arch design, common force

      Large support, more uniform force

    5. Energy saving and environmental protection

      Advanced frequency conversion energy-saving technology effectively reduces elevator operating costs

    Why Choose IFE Heavy-duty Public Transport
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