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    Work together with partners. On July 17, the 35th Anniversary Brand Ceremony of 2022 IFE Elevator and the Annual Meeting of Global Partners was held in Chengdu, the "Land of Abundance". For 35 years, IFE Elevator is not only a process from small to large, from weak to strong, but also a "journey" to go with the times and partners.

    At the brand celebration of the 35th anniversary, Luo Aiming, president of IFE Elevator, started by looking back on the past 35 years and thanking the partners who have been working together all the way, and ended by looking forward to a new breakthrough in manufacturing in China in the future and working together with partners to develop, he described a glorious journey of IFE Elevator for 35 years. IFE people and partners all over the world also witnessed the grand celebration of the 35th anniversary of IFE Elevator together with more than 500 guests on the spot through live broadcast.

    Enterprise development: keep pace with the times and lead the industry reform!

    From 1987 to 2022, with 35 spring, summer, autumn and winter, more than 12770 days and nights, the development history of IFE Elevator can be called the model of the industry. As an enterprise at the forefront of the country's reform and opening up, an outstanding representative of China's national elevator brands, following the pulse of the times, deeply rooted in "Made in China", step by step established CNAS laboratories recognized by the National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, obtained the A1 level elevator production qualification (the highest level elevator production qualification in the country) issued by the State Administration of Market Supervision, and has nearly 300 invention patents. With its strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, IFE Elevator has successfully broken through the encirclement of foreign brands. From "Chinese national elevator brand" to "globally trusted elevator brand", it has become an outstanding representative of Chinese national elevator enterprises.

    Zhang Lexiang, Secretary General of China Elevator Association, also said in his speech at the conference that the 35 year history for an enterprise has indeed been a lot of difficulties, and has been zigzagging through various challenges and difficulties. It is not easy to achieve today's achievements. Now, at a time when the domestic elevator market is once again affected by the epidemic situation, the transformation of the real estate structure and the deep adjustment, he encourages us to follow the national development strategy closely, practice the new development concept in the new era, work together with all parties to create a win-win situation, shoulder corporate social responsibility, pay attention to social benefits and adhere to sustainable development while continuously improving business performance.

    Brand evolution: focus on the future and get better development!

    "In recent years, China's elevator industry is surging. In an uncertain environment, business competition is intensifying. Facing the ever-changing market environment, enterprises must constantly innovate and change marketing methods to adapt to the changing market environment and respond to frequent and fast-paced market changes." In the marketing evolution link, senior leaders of IFE Elevator said this when discussing and communicating with many dealers. Looking into the future, it also said that in the next enterprise marketing development, IFE Elevator will promote its layout around dealers and the market, and continue to take a steady and high-quality brand development road.

    In addition, the senior management of the enterprise also took this opportunity to show all partners about the construction of the IFE Elevator Digital Factory. In the future, with the completion of IFE Digital Factory, the enterprise can not only carry out more strict control and overall arrangement on product design, product materials, production process, etc., but also rapidly and reliably produce more customized and high-quality products to serve the market, helping itself and customers to achieve better development.

    Product evolution: upgrade the solution and empower customers!

    In the new era, with the stable operation of the macro-economy and the transformation of the overall economic structure strategy of our country, the industrial park, as the main carrier of economic development, has increasingly diversified functions, and has gradually developed from a single production type to a new city integrating production, work and life.

    In this context, IFE Elevator is determined to innovate. On the one hand, it actively upgrades the application solutions of the industrial park, and uses digital empowerment to provide core driving force for many industrial parks, such as JD, Dajiang, Huawei, Foxconn, CIMC, Wanyang Group, etc., to help enterprises achieve sustainable development and become the engine of the new era.

    On the other hand, in view of the continuous growth of real estate villa investment in China in recent years, the market space for family villa elevators has further expanded. IFE Elevator has also customized a full set of overall solutions for family elevators. This scheme has also been highly recognized by the market and users since its launch. On the scene of the conference, the promotion activity of villa ladder also won the strong support of the partners and achieved great success.

    Looking forward to the future: Deeply cultivate the "digital" new track and seek higher development!

    For the future layout and planning, President Luo Aiming also emphasized at the brand ceremony that the elevator industry is different from the past decade, and the competition in the industry is no longer limited to market competition, but focuses on business model and long-term strategic competition. Therefore, in the face of the arrival of the digital era of manufacturing industry, IFE Elevator will deepen its efforts in the "digital" field and make new breakthroughs in five major strategies, including business model, product research and development, after-sales service, plant planning, and cooperative ecological chain.

    At the same time, we will continue to deepen the "win-win strategy of partners", bring together suppliers, agents, economic and financial institutions, create a "IFE ecosystem" of coexistence and common prosperity, open up the industrial value chain through the model of mutual help, information sharing, and common growth within the ecosystem, and enhance each other's core competitiveness, market share, and enterprise vitality. Finally, we will realize the beautiful vision of common development and prosperity with our partners!

    As time goes by, time flies like a shuttle. 35 years, the prime of life, 35 years, to new born. Under the background of continuous innovation of China Intelligent Manufacturing, IFE Elevator will keep on upgrading technology and services, contribute more to the upward road of national elevator brands, and promote the industry to achieve broader development. In the next 35 years, the highlight of IFE Elevator is worth looking forward to! At this moment, let's join hands on a new journey and start again!

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